KAVO & SIRONA Dental Units

Characteristics: optical fiber; control panel; 2-light level integrated disinfection system; ideal for 2 or 4-hand work; plaque removal unit control pedal;

Sterilization Kit

Class B Autoclave: moist heat sterilization at the highest standards; integrated technical printer; 3 sterilization programs; Graphic Monitor; PC connection; Testing programs: Vacuum, Bowie & Dick, Helix.

UV Germicidal Lamp

provides air purification and the disinfection of the dental office surfaces by using UV radiation, thus destroying circa 99% of microorganisms

NSK Physiodispenser

is a device used for the purpose of surgery and implantology

Air flow

is a modern professional tooth hygienization device, efficiently flushing water, air and crystals on tooth stains (tea, coffee, nicotine, red wine), plaque, as well as soft deposits on the tooth surface.

Photopolymerization Lamp

is used to treat cavities, to polymerize composite obturations.