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We provide dental services at the highest standards, relying on the latest developments in the field, from latest generation equipment, high quality material, current surgical techniques in the field, to the highest level of training of doctors.

We are one of the top clinics in the market of dental service suppliers and we are on an ongoing search for higher standards of services provided to our patients, in terms of quality, professionalism, honesty, flexibility, accessible prices.

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Dental Services

Dentoalveolar Surgery

Apical resection/Cystectomy
Odontectomy (extraction of teeth included)
Dental abscess treatment
Ridge reconstruction works
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Dental Surgery

Dental Implantology

Bone augmentation of toothless ridges
Prosthetic works on implants (fixed, movable, screwed)
Prosthetic works on zirconium support
Lucrari protetice pe zirconiu
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Dental Implantology


Dental aesthetics
Restorative odonto-therapy
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Dental aesthetics


Introduction to treatment options
Development of the treatment plan
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Consultatie Stomatologica